Polinopolis | TV Series | Mago Production

Produced by Mago Production, we animated several episodes of the upcoming tv show “Polinopolis”. The show will be broadcasted by TVC, TVE and Pakapaka.

Mago Production

Variety Article

“There is a first time for everything: whether you are a floating head, a bee, a half human, a troll or a blabbering rock. In Polinopolis, an incredibly diverse group of friends face their first experiences in life, in bizarre and far out ways. Just as bizarre and far out as the town they live in!”

2D Animation TV Series
Director: Martin Guido, Maria Antolini
Screenplay: Martin Guido, Carlos Bleycher
Format: 52×11 min
Target: 6-9 years
Broadcasters: TVC, TVE, Pakapaka




Buenos Aires, Argentina.